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Ben Rodefer for NM  B e n   Ro d e f e r 

    Democrat for New Mexico State Senate

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Benjamin Rodefer - Democrat for State Senate
Ben Rodefer Democrat for State Senate

Yes! I want to support a better future for NM: $

New Mexico Democrat Benjamin Rodefer
Ben welcoming home our brave troops from Afghanistan

   Ben Rodefer & Jeff Bingaman
Ben with US Senator Jeff Bingaman at the UNM Taos Solar Array

Benjamin Rodefer:

• Grew up in Corrales and attended Sandoval Elementary
• Father was a Professor at UNM
• Worked on Jimmy Carter's 1976 election campaign at age 13
• Attended Cibola HS before Cornell University, where he studied Government and Physics 
• Was US Senator Jeff Bingaman's first intern
• Worked with Congressman Ron Dellums (D-CA)
• Founded
GoBox Software
• Founded ModernArts

• Was elected to the NM House of Representatives in 2008
• Current & Past President of the NM Renewable Energy Industries Association

This election, voters have a real choice. Here is exactly where I stand on the issues:

Jobs: According to the Pew Charitable Trust, the greatest job growth by far in NM since 1998 has come from the renewable energy sector.   The renewable energy industry has created nearly 30 times the job growth of all other New Mexico industry sectors combined.  As the President of the NM Renewable Energy Industries Association, I know first hand how to create good high paying green collar jobs for New Mexico and how we can take positive steps towards energy independence.  Instead of spending billions of dollars on foreign oil, we can keep those dollars here at home, rebuilding our own economy, putting New Mexicans back to work, and building new schools, hospitals, courthouses & roads,
and better supporting classroom funding and public safety.

Education: We need to be teaching our children for life, not for tests.  No Child Left Behind is actually leaving every child behind.  We absolutely must get back to providing our children with a strong, well balanced, comprehensive education, and let our wonderful teachers focus on doing their job, not on relentless assessments & testing.

Equality: The pledge of Allegiance says "With liberty and justice for all."  It does not say with liberty and justice for some, or only those we agree with, or only those who look or act like us.  The equal protection of the law must extend to everyone.

Health Care: We must find an affordable way to offer quality health care to EVERYONE, no exceptions.  We have to stop merely throwing more wasted money at the problem and actually sit down, do the necessary hard work, and solve it.

Environment: I will work hard to protect and preserve our natural resources.  It is absolutely imperative that we as a society move away from gas and coal based energy policies.  I will vigorously advocate for clean energy, green building, greater fuel efficiency and stricter emissions standards.  I will fight tirelessly to protect the Rio Grande Basin, its Bosque and our water.

Infrastructure/Economy:  Our economy will never grow in the 21st century unless we expand and repair our deteriorating infrastructure needs. Our economic policies need to focus on creating good jobs; repairing and expanding our roads, bridges and other infrastructure; paying our teachers, police and firefighters fair wages; building new schools and hospitals (and providing them with the very best staff, equipment and supplies); investing in clean sustainable alternative energy sources; providing health care for our children and retirees; providing services for the disadvantaged and at-risk, and boosting and building our own locally-driven economy.

Crime:  We need to provide our law enforcement staff with the best available equipment and technology.  We need to provide our judges and prosecutors with clear legal statutes and sentencing guidelines.  We need to provide our non-violent offenders with effective treatment programs so they have an opportunity to rejoin our society in a productive and positive capacity.  It does a great disservice not only to the offenders but to our community to simply lock them up for their sentence and then kick them back out onto the street.  We can do better.

Spending:  I am fighting for qualitatively better results from our hard earned tax dollars.  We deserve complete transparency in how the government spends our tax dollars.  Our government should be as careful with its money as we are.  All government contracts should require an open, fair and competitive bidding process.  Not a penny should be wasted.


Here's what people said about my public service in 2009-2010:

"We trust you because we believe you are guided by ethics and not simply politics." -Fraternal Order of Police

"When it counted, you were there for our students and our schools" -NEA NM

“…largely due to heroic efforts by Rep. Ben Rodefer.” –nmpolitics 

“A real life David vs. Goliath victory.” –ABQ Journal


“We are extremely grateful to you.”  -New Mexico Fire Fighters


“A true champion for education.” –Albuquerque Teachers Federation


“Rep. Benjamin Rodefer led the charge in the House, and this victory would not have been possible without his passion and perseverance.
As a result of his single-minded dedication, precious tax dollars will go where they belong – health care, education and environmental
protection – instead of subsidizing out-of-state developers.”
  -Conservation Voters NM 2009 Scorecard (Ben received a perfect 100%)


Ben Rodefer, Melina McClure and Natalie McClure
With daughters Melina and Natalie - Ben has fought hard to protect vital classroom
funding for our schools from being cut!

Ben Rodefer...One of us - He's working for us.


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